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America’s longest and most controversial war is the subject of extensive and thorough historical, social, and psychological studies. However, we do not know much about the historical, social and psychological impact of this war on the Virgin Islanders who served in this conflict during a period of turbulent social change. Who were they? How did their military service shape their personal lives and career choices? How did it affect their identity as Virgin Islanders, as African Americans, as Americans?  Do they feel proud of their service in the military? Do they feel appreciated for their commitment? How would they like to be remembered?


Proudly We Served: Virgin Islands Veterans of the Vietnam War

This is the second film in a documentary video series produced by the American Legion, District No. 10. This video is based on interviews with Virgin Islands veterans and looks at the veterans’ reasons for serving in the armed forces, documents their experiences with racial prejudice while serving their country, and explores their feelings towards the war and the effects it had on their lives.

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