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Dr. Roberta Knowles is a retired professor of English and former chair of the Humanities Division of the University of the Virgin Islands. She has taught high school and university courses and researched various topics such as African American and Caribbean literature and sociolinguistics. She has served as  a participant, advisor, evaluator and director of more than ten Virgin Islands Humanities Council grants relating to literature, history, education, and storytelling and was the humanities advisor for the video Virgin Islands Veterans of World War II.


Her publications include scholarly papers and book reviews on Caribbean literature and a brief biography of Arona Petersen. She has served as an associate editor of The Caribbean Writer and as an editor of various university publications and works by local authors. Prior to moving to the Virgin Islands to join the staff of the Peace Corps Training Center, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia, teaching English as a Second Language. She holds degrees from Brown University, Columbia University Teachers College, and New York University.

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